Thursday, August 20, 2015

Daily habits and lifestyle changes to keep lower cholesterol under check

Cholesterol is an essential element in the blood as this determines the blood flow rate in the body. Cholesterol is an undisputed oil type of formation in the blood that drives the body engine.

Oil type of thickening element present do possess certain limitations. It has per-determined limits where it could be considered safe. And when goes up- then it’s a bad news. All activities come to stand still and looking for medical practitioners for getting the prescribed drugs.

Whey not to consider for lowering cholesterol quickly by simply changing few of our daily use habits , habits and tasks that fall in schedules that fall within our reach in the 24 hours of our work pattern. Think on it – it for lowering cholesterol quickly and enjoy good life.

Symptoms of high cholesterol:
Cholesterol levels in the blood do not show any signs and symptoms. Cholesterol readings do record higher readings only when any specific tests are done for.
Causes for high cholesterol:

Let us have a look on some of the causes that could be held responsible for high cholesterol levels are:
  • Diets high in carbohydrates.
  • Being overweight.
  • Smoking.
  • Consumption of alcohol.
  • diabetes
Home remedies to lower cholesterol:
Home remedies to bring down the high cholesterol levels in the body:
  • Have control over the body weight: bring down the excess weight of the body by actively involving the body in some types of fat burning activities.
  • Involve fibers in life: involve fibers in life. Chalk out some effective fiber containing food items and best ways to include these items is to include the items in daily salads. At them raw.
  • Cut down saturated fats: cut down saturated fat consumption by lowering the consumption of dairy products as dairy products are high in fats.
  • Increase your activities: make yourself tired by engaging the body engaged in multi-level activities. Keeping the body engaged involves the blood flow moving all the time thereby helping the veins and arteries to keep the required blood flow.
  • Weight loss: keep a track of your weight loss chart in daily dairy. Properly manage the track of your body weight and regularly check the proceedings of the weight’s ups and downs.
  • Smoking or no smoking: decide properly about the benefits that you want for the body. Smoking shoots up the cholesterol readings on the scale. So, better to quit smoking if wanting to lower down the cholesterol readings on the scale.
  • Problem lies in obesity: the whole story centers around obesity. Obesity shoots up the blood cholesterol levels. So, better to down your obesity and have fun.
  • Spinach- an all time food and my favorite – this green leafed vegetable contain natural cholesterol lowering elements that keeps the oily pigments in the blood under captivity and does not allow cholesterol levels to rise. Could be cooked in various forms and recipes and even cut in salads.
Considering of lowering cholesterol quickly – do not think. Act fast as it could give additional years of healthy life

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Natural tips on how to increase body strength and stamina

Strength and stamina fights the body all the time. Body looses function graph with every passing second. Function graph is not a graph in mathematics or in any science subject. Function graph is the tangent that body functions creates 24*7.

Due to busy schedules, graph decreases when body being tired is short of stamina. Allow me to throw some knowledge on how to increase strength and stamina. Everybody is aware of these simple solutions and I am just going to share simple steps on how to increase strength and stamina and be happy.

Symptoms of decreased strength:

Identification signals that could help to identify when body looses strength are:
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Tiring easily.
  • Feeling to rest too quickly.
  • Feeling cold.
  • Dryness in the skin
 Causes for decreased stamina and strength:

Factors that could be held responsible for body loosing stamina are:
  • Fatigue.
  • Lack of sleep.
  • Alcohol
  • Stress and anxiety.
  • Depression.
 Home remedies to increase stamina:

Home remedies that could improve body strength and stamina are:
  • Hops: hops repeatedly enhances the stamina many folds. Repeated hops overtime strengthens various muscles by strengthening various tissues and muscles. Hops overtime give heart muscles some tough time. Tough times for heart increases stamina. Repeated hops do give strength to ankles and legs ----- muscles of which are responsible for hopping.
  • Balancing diets: diets that are well balanced ---- no matter what tastes that diet contains – from bitter to sweet or from salty to no taste at all, balanced pull up the socks for you. Balanced diets make the muscles strong and give energy to the muscles making the body strong.
  • Water hydration:   tones up the body, water waters the body cells giving body cells fresh breathing space. Water also helps to fight fatigue that your body might experience during the day. If for any reason, water is not immediately available, then good branded juice could also go at the same track.
  • Relax in between: take offs in between the works to give some resting place for the body. Offs from the work give some time for the body to re-group for next course of work thus increasing body strength.
  • Sitting posture: sitting posture give the abdominal muscles great time to re-group body muscles and provide stamina form of action to the body.
  • Busiest ever: keep the body busy through various body activities that does not allow body to enter the rest mode. Rest mode put your body and brain in idle mode. And when brain goes idle, then no cause of worry, no tensions of work because body has entered rest phase – which decreases body strength. So, better to keep body busy so as not to allow brain rest mode.
  • Run through: run through the walk ways in the park so as to make heart beat fast so as to make heart stronger which increase body stamina many fold
Get on to work to find out how to increase strength and stamina and give your body muscles fresh lease of life to make body tire out recklessly for next day.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Home remedies to clear stomach and relieve constipation

Constipation- I say wonder boy that has its residence in the stomach. The wonder boy of stomach is a very-very mischievous child that never rests and always ready to create troubles for anybody. Could be a trouble creator any place any time.

Actually constipation develops when extracts from food and other consumables does not properly get extracted from the body and get stuck up some where inside the body resulting in blockages that leads to bowel stuck ups.

Get some relief by practicing natural constipation remedies. Get the better of the situations in your tummy by consuming some natural constipation remedies and calm the flare ups in the tummy.

Symptoms for constipation:

• Cramps in the abdomen.
• Difficulty in clearing the bowels.
• Heaviness in the stomach.
• Hardness in the stools
Causes for constipation:

Common reasons that often lead to constipation are:

• Consuming alcohol.
• Water consumption's not enough for the body.
• Body movement not sufficient.
• High sugar intake.
• Caffeine intake on the high.

Home remedies for constipation:

Let us now have a look at some of the remedies that could be tried at home and have the courage of giving relief from constipation and the trusted remedies are:

A mile walk: walking a mile every evening could loosen the muscles and flesh that hang around the belly. This loosening of muscles happily pass out the gas from the intestines and helps to clear fluttering in the bowels...

• Fiber attacks: get the attacks of fibers on the constipation traces that causes flare ups in the stomach. Fibers get attracted to the acids that have created turbulent atmospheres in the stomach and slowly clear the loads in the stomach.

• psyllium husks combined with water: take psyllium husks with a glass of water to flush out the acids solutions from the stomach. This clears the belly of any traces of constipation as psyllium husks are a rich source of fiber.

• Slight warm water: get some water slightly warmed up and squeeze lemon into it. Drink the mix-ture to flush out any acidic traces housed in the intestines that block the free movement of the bowels. The best time of consumption is at first opening of the eyes early in the morning.

• Fruits do well: fruits have a long standing relationship with stomach clearing. Cut fruits after well washing, cutting or slicing in various shapes and sizes and chewing them for good.

• Loosen with exercises: loosen your stomach muscles with good workouts that lessen the loads on the abdominal muscles by simple exercises that help to reduce constipation.

• Variety of veggies: take variety of veggies in your daily recipes. Veggies provide energy to the abdominal muscles

It is easy to deal with constipation and to allow proper clearing of the bowels in the morning by simply following some of natural constipation remedies. Remedies discussed here in the blog are easy to reach and just require some discipline to be approached to.