Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Natural ways and remedies for saggy breasts

Breasts leave their firmness as the time passes. But with certain exercises, a woman could firm saggy breasts and satisfy her husband.

There are certain types of physical processes to firm saggy breasts. Some of the physical processes are as under:

firm saggy breasts

1. The yoga benefits: the benefits of yoga could be adopted in life to uplift the breasts that have been sagging for so many years and due to various reasons. There are various reasons for the muscles that support the breasts to lose their firmness. The reasons which are responsible for the breasts to lose their firmness are the aging, motherhood etc. but there are certain yoga poses that could strengthen the base muscles that hold the breasts. When these base muscles get stronger and some facelift, these help to get the required firmness back. 

firm saggy breasts

2. The best of massage: the massage when done on the breasts could be beneficial for the breast muscles. The massage gives the much required strength. The massage material could vary. It could be done by the use of oil or it could even be done with the help of ice. Whatever material you use, there are some certain set directions for the massaging to give the desired results. The good recommended movement is the circular movement of the hands around the nipples slowly covering the whole area properly. After proper massaging, it is recommended not to immediately set out for work, but to stay in reclined position for the massage to settle down.

firm saggy breasts

3. Sitting posture affects better: it is better to sit in such a position that could better affect the breasts to regain the lost firmness. when a woman sits in a half lie down position with back in semi circular shape, then the breasts are totally at the mercy of the mother earths forces. The forces that mother earth exerts pulls down the breasts. To rectify this, woman must take care of her sitting posture. When the sitting posture is rectified to the straight back, this extends the breasts slightly outwards and in some time to follow, the breasts takes the lost firmness.

firm saggy breasts

4. Firm pull ups: Some types of pull ups exercises could be better for the good health of the base muscles. Pull ups could be done by lying down on a bench, extending your arms outwards. Then hold dumb bells in your hands and try to lift your hands and bring them straight above your head. Keep the hands in those positions for some time and then bring your hands back to the outward direction. Repeat the process 5 times and be cautious not to exert yourself when pulling up the dumb bells. If you are not comfortable in pulling up the dumb bells fully above the head, lift them up to the position where you are comfortable.

firm saggy breasts

Some exercises to firm saggy breasts could help you smile and satisfy your husband who want to play

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