Friday, February 20, 2015

Do natural remedies for Kidney stones really work?

Kidney stone is a kind of health disease caused by the composition of solid substances inside the kidney. These solid substances build because of the accumulation of uric acid, cysteine, oxalate and calcium on the inner surface of kidneys.

However, the cause that gives birth to the formation of kidney Stones varies from person to person. The most common disease that lead to the formation of kidney stones are metabolic disorders, poly cystic kidneys, improper diet, heredity and alkaline nature of urine.
natural remedy for kidney stones

However, the common symptoms shown by people suffering from the problem of stones include vomiting, blood in urine, abdominal pain, burning sensation during urination and fever. The natural remedy for kidney stones is found very beneficial in treating the problem. Considering these remedies help to stay away from these problems without giving any side effects.

natural remedy for kidney stones

  • Horsetail - It is an effective and useful herbal remedy recommended for stones. This herbal remedy is well renowned for its anti oxidant and anti-inflammatory property. Horsetail decreases the bleeding caused by stones and enhances the functioning of kidney. It's diuretic property drive off all the infections from urine, and helps in the production of urine, which in turn eliminate the small stone from the body.

natural remedy for kidney stones

  • Sarsaparilla - Sarsaparilla is the other herbal remedy for curing kidney stones. Currently, this herbal remedy is used as an ingredient for preparing several kinds of Ayurvedic medicines. Alike horsetail, sarsaparilla is also known for its diuretic property. Hence, it also enhances the volume of urine and removes the stone from the body.

natural remedy for kidney stones

  • Agrimony - A medicine meant for the purification of the blood and is considered as an effective herbal remedy to overcome the health disease of kidney stones. And, to obtain the optimum results, sufferers are advised to consume minimum of 3 cups of agrimony tea per day. It helps in disappearing stones from an individual body and promotes the overall functioning of kidney. Its astringent property treatd infection caused by stones and prohibits the occurrence of bleeding during urination. Intake of this medicine is considered very beneficial to get comfort from pain caused by the movement of stones. It treats urinary tract problems and helps in the production of urination.

natural remedy for kidney stones

  • Cranberry juice - Another safe and effective herbal remedy for kidney stones is; cranberry juice. This herbal remedy contains the high dosage of vitamin C, which strengthen the immune system and battles with infection also. Cranberry juice has been in use from long years ago for the treatment of urinary incontinence. Adding this herbal remedy in your daily diet helps to decrease the number of bacteria and prevents the infection in urine.
 natural remedy for kidney stones

  • Burdock - this herbal remedy is made up of iron, lactones, arcigen, mucilage, inulin and flavonoids. Having burdock helps to purify your blood and reduce the risk of diseases. It also helps to improve the production of urination. You can easily avail this herbal remedy from medical stores in the form of pills, teas and ointments.

So, use the above mentioned natural remedy for kidney stones and get rid of stone problem for the life time.

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  1. The kidney stone is a hard mass made of crystals that are separated from the urine in the urinary tract. Normally, urine contains chemicals that prevents the crystals from forming. But these chemicals do not work for everyone and thus, stone forms in the kidney.